• Our Values

  • Els nostres valors

Can Liret is a traditional house, typical of Palafrugell, whose restoration we wanted to take into account sustainability and ethics as non-negotiable values, according to our possibilities. As well , innovation and technology for the efficient management of a small establishment like ours.

Barbara and Narcís are two entrepreneurs who understand that respect for the past and the history of a building are not incompatible with modern and efficient management.

the building


We wanted to be as careful as possible with the materials used, whenever we could, we used local materials, suppliers and artisans. As well as  the recovery of many pre-existing materials in the building, with the reuse of many of them. Doors that are now cabinets, beams that are tables or recovered closet that has more than 100 years of history. We’ve put back in the original tiles. The aim has been to use zero-kilometer materials and industry, to favor as much as possible the economic environment in which the hotel is located.

building’s management

The use of solar panels, the recovery of a large water tank that captures rainwater for the irrigation of the pool and garden, or the use of heated air to heat the rooms are examples of our philosophy.

hotel management

technology and domotics

An important effort in technology and specifically in the home automation of the building to make our guests more comfortable. A more efficient management of consumption and reduction of human resources costs in small hotels. So our guests do not need keys, it is not necessary to manage the hotel in person, nor the lights or the heating for instance.

breakfasts of proximity and quality products

We are committed to the environment around us and the micro-economic environment around us, so our suppliers are artisans, farmers, bakers who make high quality products in Palafrugell or its surroundings.