• La història de Can Liret

The origin of the nickname Liret is from Baldiri Olivós (1740-1778) a very small man who was the first owner of the building who was called by the diminutive Baldiret, and later on picked up the name Liret.

His grandson Domenech Dalmau Janó who already lived on Sant Joan Street, re-built the house from scratch in 1894 and it became a cockstopper factory and also his house.

Nowadays it’s new owner Narcís Ferrer i Ferrer has retored it for it to become a small 9 bedroom hotel with the willingness to maintain the materials in the house and also respect it’s history

A comfortable, discreet and responsable with its surroundings and society.

Can Liret, is the typical artisans home located in the center of Palafrugell where a small cock factory and a house of the same owners in the 1890. In the 19th century, Palafrugell was the most important city when it came
down to cork. Almost 70% of the population lived directly from cork. Besides the well named factories there was also a “munió”, and small family owned factories who were also working towards big productions. Houses with a unique smell and sense and ceillings that have stayed the same throughout the years.

Palafrugell is without any doubt the capital of the real Baix Empordà, and logistically the ideal place to meet l’Empordanet of Josep Pla, one of the best writers that the Costa Brava has seen.

A town with great cultural and gastronomic dynamism, a large village with a great features, is a friendly village with a great offer to take walk, shop, eat and enjoy the way of life of the Empordà. Palafrugell has a daily market of fruit, vegetables, meat, fish… that delights locals and visitors, with a wide range of cuisine.

Can Liret is designed to get to know our surroundings in a quiet, comfortable way, and if the customer wishes without using the car.  Bicycles or electric bicycles are the best way to get to know the scenic Empordà and Palafrugell with its small beaches surrounded by cliffs or field filled with colours.